Widerange Public and Medical Transportation

Widerange transportation serves the Chicago and suburban areas.

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Since 2008, we’ve provided compassionate, safe and timely transport. With a large fleet of vehicles and a rigorously trained staff, we ensure reliable rides and can assist any passenger — no matter what disabilities, special needs or challenges they face. We take great pride in every element of our work to best assist those in need.

Who we serve

Widerange Public & Medical Transportation serves organizations, are Chicago, Including hospital, medical clinic, adult day centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, doctor’s offices and more.

We also transport individuals and families to and from appointments or simply, at ride. Special even sometimes require special transports.

If you have a family member who needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle to reunion, wedding or public event, just call us.

You are able to ride along with them, usually at no additional charge.


More About

Widerange Transportation  was established in 2008, we are a non  emergency transportation business who thrives on timeliness, safety., clean and well maintained vehicles. 

Widerange transportation serves the Chicago and suburban areas. 

Our employees are well trained, and goes through all the state/ insurance certifications.  

Such as  national background check, drug testing, and a clean driving record.    

Our members values our services because of our professionalism, care and attention to their needs.